Life insurance

Life insurance is a contract that exists between an insurance company and the insured person, where a certain sum of money is paid to a beneficiary of the insured person in the event of his or her death. It comes in two structures or types which are; term life insurance and permanent life insurance.

The term life insurance is the most popular type of life insurance, and it covers the insured person only for a specific period, which the insured person chooses. Meanwhile, the permanent type of life insurance covers the insured person for life. Life insurance is important as it helps provide and support your family and loved ones in the event of your death.

We also help you obtain keyman insurance. This is an insurance policy where the proposer, as well as the premium payer, is the employer, and the life to be insured is that of the same employer’s key employee (keyman), and the benefit goes to the employer in case of a claim.

There may be certain confusions that may arise while trying to choose which type of life insurance to choose. At ANB, everything will be easily explained for you to understand and carefully choose the one that will meet your needs. We also offer professional advice and assistance all the way.